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Who can bear the oppressive wealth of ideas these days? We compulsively consume, occasionally exchange, then absolutely discard. If conscious thoughts have to merge back into the collective unconsciousness like raindrops falling into the sea, one can at least experience them for a moment by letting them ripple through the keyboard.

This newsletter is meant to hold me accountable. I write about things from books, art, consumer goods, tech trends, memes, conversations... It lights up the trail of my inner forest so I could look back where my mind had wandered. I hope it could ignite some sparks in you as well.

About me

I grew up in Luoyang, one of the oldest cities in China. My cultural heritage has greatly influenced how I interact with the world. When I was 15, I decided to move to Shanghai by flipping a coin. After studying in Shanghai for 7 years, I moved to New York City and have been living here ever since.

I work in tech as a product designer. In my spare time, I research and study mysticism. My interests potter around the intersection of old/new technologies and spirituality, as well as their roles in transcending individuals and societies.

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Navel-gazing and unselfing